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Alpine Physical Therapy Announces our New Oncology Program

We’d like to announce the Oncology Rehab Program at Alpine Physical Therapy. Our team, which includes Josie Sweeney, DPT, Antara Quinones DPT, CLT-LANA, and Jessica Kehoe DPT, want to bring to everyone’s attention that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  We will surely all see lots of pink stuff this month in sports and in the news honoring this month, but we really want to remind everyone that the reason for all this media is to encourage early detection. 

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.  Early detection is the BEST way to beat this disease, and both the 5 year and long term survival rates drastically improve with early detection.

We encourage all women to talk about early detection with their friends and family.  If you are a woman aged 40-49 talk to your doctor about when and how often to begin getting mammograms.  If you have had a close family member with breast or ovarian cancer you are at a slightly greater risk, so no matter your age, be sure to talk to your doctor about your options for early detection.  Join us in vowing to start, or get back to, your early detection plan.

We’d like to share some great resources to help you.

The American Cancer Society (early detection).

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (early detection).

The National Cancer Institute (risk calculator).

The Oncology Rehab Team at Alpine Physical Therapy is now providing Missoula and surrounding communities with the following services:

  • Rehabilitation from surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapies
  • Certified Lymphedema Therapist
  • Certified Cancer Specialist
  • Expert swelling prevention, reduction and management
  • Compression garment fitting

For more information, be sure to visit our Oncology Rehabilitation webpage.

Alpine PT Introduces Mary Mischke, PT, DPT, OCS

Mary Mischke, PT, DPT, OCS has joined Alpine Physical Therapy, enlarging our team to 18 physical therapists. Mary graduated from Duke University with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2010. Mischke is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist and is certified in applied functional science.

Her specialty areas include general orthopedics, female athletes, running injuries and prevention, post-operative care, and functional exercise.

Mary can be reached at our downtown clinic at 549-0064.

Kristi Moore Completes Dance Medicine Rehabilitation Certification

Kristi Moore, MSPT of Alpine Physical Therapy completed her Dance Medicine Rehabilitation Certification in September 2015 through Westside Dance Physical Therapy in New York City. 

Kristi is the only physical therapist in Montana to complete this level of education specific to dancers. 

She is excited to bring her specialty to Missoula’s dance community and provide individualized treatment for injury prevention and rehabilitation from injury to keep dancers doing what they love.  

For more information, visit our Dance Medicine webpage by clicking here.

Kristi can be reached at Alpine’s North clinic at (406) 541-2606.

Guest Chiropractor Shares Insights for Improved Health

Special thanks to Dr. Liz Walker of Primal Practice for sharing her insights on the work she does to help patients on their health journey




As a chiropractor I hear many reasons why people don’t believe in chiropractic. One of them is that there are no scientific studies to prove that adjustments are effective. Another is that they don’t like the popping or cracking that occurs during an adjustment. Today, I want to speak to both of these.


Hippocrates said “look well to the spine for the cause of disease.” The research is proving this to be true. If you don’t take care of your spine the rest of your body will not and can not function as well as it should, and this is not limited to your musculoskeletal system but all your systems. Roger Sperry, a nobel prize winner on brain research, said “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine.” Chiropractic adjustments keep your spine healthy and functional to keep your brain nourished and stimulated.


The research is also showing that a single chiropractic adjustment inhibits the sympathetic tone of the nervous system (this is the part of your body that makes you stressed), decreases salivary amylase (an indicator of the decreasing stress), changes regional brain metabolism and decreases muscle tone and pain intensity. Another study that occurred over 7 years and 800 participants showed that those people using their chiropractor as their primary care provider had 60% less hospital admissions, 62% less surgeries, 59% less days in hospital, and 85% less pharmaceutical costs.


Maybe I have changed your mind about the effectiveness of chiropractic care but you still are hesitant about having your neck popped and your back cracked. There are many ways to perform an adjustment with many of them not requiring a noise to be made. At Primal Practice we always respect your preference when performing an adjustment so it is as comfortable for you as possible.


If you are ready to see how Chiropractic can take your health to a whole new level don’t hesitate to contact the office: call (406) 549 8969 or email




Link to Primal Practice:



Alpine Congratulates Antara Quinones on Certification

Antara Quinones, doctor of physical therapy, of Alpine Physical Therapy earned her certification with the Lymphedema Association of North America as a certified lymphedema therapist in August 2015.

By completing the 135 hours of coursework and her national board exam, she is qualified to treat a host of patients with edema issues, including those affected by cancer treatment, venous system failure, or surgery. Contact Antara at Alpine’s North clinic at 541-2606.


Kick the Tires of Your Physical Therapist

Know that choosing a physical therapist is first and foremost your choice. So take some time to kick a few tires before simply “going to PT.”

All legally practicing physical therapists in Montana are licensed. That’s great. And there are a lot of quality PTs out there.

Some, however, have gone the extra mile to specialize in areas that may dramatically improve your situation.

At Alpine Physical Therapy, we have specialists in manual therapy, women’s health, spine care, jaw and face pain,vestibular and balance disorders, along with various sports experts in climbing, court sports, soccer, cycling, and running.

Of our 18 physical therapists at Alpine, 12 have doctorates, 4 are board certified through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialities, and we hold 11 advanced and prestigious national certifications.

More people have kicked the tires of Alpine’s physical therapists and resoundingly say they are glad they did.

Click here to learn more about the advanced specialties of each of Alpine’s expert team members.


Alpine Physical Therapy’s “C-Leaguered” Summer Soccer Team Kicked Grass!

Fortunately, for Alpine PT’s ‘C-Leaguered’ soccer team, the season over. This year was not your typical 9 weeks of after-work-recreational fun with co-workers and friends. Alpine’s team had an inordinate amount of challenges: a multitude of injuries, a mid-season divorce between two team mates, a red card for fighting, and more losses than wins. As the captain, this made for an inordinate amount of weekly challenges getting 11 people on the field for 9 weeks in a row. Fortunately, we expanded the team to 27 players (15 of which were new to our typical field squad) to account for a chronic shortage of players throughout the summer vacation/divorce/work demands/pregnancies /sickness & injury-prone season.  We are also pleased to welcome a healthy baby to a lovely set of new parents/old friends on our team. Congratulations Brett and Katie Cuniff, on the new addition, Connor Patrick stepping into this world at 10 lbs 4 oz. 21″ long. 

Missoula summer soccer, you gotta’ love it!  Despite the experienced player shortages, we brought a lot of new adult players out for “true” C-league soccer that hadn’t kicked a ball since grade school and had a fantastic time meeting and recreating after work. 

We thank Alpine PT for sponsoring our stellar team again this summer. This is the 5th year Alpine PT put together a fine group of PT’s, PT aides, lawyers, grad students, fire fighters, dental hygienists, etc to come out for an after-work kick in the grass. We will look forward to a better summer next year with a few less challenges. 


Alpine Physical Therapy Extends its Reach to Dancers In Western Montana

Kristi Moore, MSPT just completed the course work portion of her Dance Medicine Rehabilitation certification in New York City with Westside Dance Physical Therapy.  She will complete the certification process by August 1, 2015.  She is excited to bring her specific knowledge about dancers back to Missoula’s dance community. 

These last 2 modules covered dancers throughout the life span (adolescents to the older dancer) and the foot/ankle/knee.  

Kristi is currently the only physical therapist in Montana to have completed this level of education specific to dancers.  She truly enjoys working with this unique population by working on injury prevention and rehabilitation from an injury to keep dancers doing what they love!


For more information on our Dance Medicine outreach at Alpin Physical Therapy, please visit our clinic webpage on this topic by clicking here.

Alpine is Again the Exclusive PT Sponsor of the 9th Annual Missoula Marathon

For the 9th consecutive year,  Alpine Physical Therapy will be the exclusive physical therapy sponsor of the Missoula Marathon.  This prestigious sponsorship puts us face-to-face with runners of all skill levels, giving us opportunities to provide consultation to all participants and to present numerous training seminars for area marathoners.

Our team of 17 physical therapists provides both pre- and post-race massages for all Missoula Marathoners. In addition, we offer free injury consultations both before and after the race.

We offer a unique service for all runners called The Runner’s Clinic, which is overseen by expert physical therapist, Matthew Schweitzer, DPT, CSCS. Matt is our sport biomechanics expert associated with high-mileage running.

Participants entering The Runner’s Clinic undergo 2-D video analysis of their stride, along with a comprehensive body and movement examination.  Integrating the 2-D video analysis with the clinical exam provides an exacting assessment for identifying running faults that can contribute to injury and impact performance.  The results of the examination form the basis of specific corrective exercises that you’ll begin learning and doing on day one!  For more information on The Runner’s Clinic, be sure to visit our website by clicking here.

Gaining knowledge about your injury and what you can do to resolve it puts you ahead of the pack. We invite you to peruse The Runner’s Clinic section of our website for information on various injuries common to runners.  Gather additional information by clicking on the Patient Resources section of our website for news and information on these and other conditions runners face.

We have three locations in Missoula.

  • Alpine Physical Therapy, North
    We are located at 2965 Stockyard Road in the North Reserve Business Center, just behind Carino’s.  406-541-2606.
  • Alpine Physical Therapy, South
    We are located in the Peak Health & Wellness Center South on the corner of Highway 93 South and Blue Mountain Road.  406-251-2323.
  • Alpine Physical Therapy, Downtown
    We are also located in the Peak Health & Wellness Center Downtown at 150 E. Spruce, Ste A.  406-549-0064.

All participants of the Missoula Marathon are provided free injury consultations with one of our physical therapists. Call to schedule a free injury consultation or to schedule for The Runner’s Clinic.

Alpine Reppin’ at the Peak Tri

On Saturday the 16th, Alpine Physical Therapy participated in the first annual Corporate Cup division of the Peak Triathlon, an event run by Missoula’s Fit to Fight non-profit. There were also numerous Alpine employees that took part in the single athlete men’s and women’s divisions!


The corporate team posted a third place win while fielding women in all three disciplines. Carley Mosher, an aide and ex-collegiate swimmer, completed the swim portion with a searing hot time. Fellow aide, Jessa Brooks, cruised on the bike and Jess Kehoe, the lone PT on the roster, crossed the finish line after the running the final 5k.

Jess had so much fun during her run that she ran right through the finish line and continued down the hill. Jess said she enjoys running hills and, “the course was super fun and for a great cause, we all went out at a fast pace and had a great time!” 

The other participants who rocked it were Brace Hayden (19th in men, 24th over all), Sam Schmidt (43th in women, 127th over all), Nikki Parnell (19th in women, 66th over all), Katie Schermele (40th in women, 122th over all). 

“The Peak Triathlon was a well-organized and positive racing experience!  There were spacious pool lanes, a beautiful, rolling bike course overlooking the Missoula Valley, a downhill run finish, and encouraging volunteers!  It was impossible not to have a blast!” – Nikki Parnell

Emily Jones, our wicked awesome athletic trainer, provided participants with injury consults and had a station with foam rolls and mats for athletes to stretch and prepare for the race. 

That wasn’t all, we had a great turn out of volunteers who donated their time instead of their energy!

Thanks to all who participated! All proceeds went to Fit to Fight to continue “empowering cancer survivors to improve their quality of life through a program of fitness and health.”

For more information, visit our webpage on Fight to Fight!